Parchment United Methodist Church
Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Special Message regarding cancellation of Worship at Parchment UMC

March 13, 2020


Dear family and friends of Parchment United Methodist Church,

Our Bishop, Rev. David Bard has recommended that all United Methodist Churches in Michigan cancel worship services for the remainder of the month of April. And so, it is with this advisement that we will regrettably comply.

The Covid-19 virus has developed into a pandemic worldwide. And while it may not affect anyone we know personally, it is wise for us to observe and participate in the best practices of stemming the tide of this vital pandemic. We can do this by being careful with washing our hands and avoiding gathering in large groups. By doing so, we may prevent others from being exposed, especially vulnerable folks of our community.

So, we need to pray for the world, pray for the people of our nation and leaders, and pray for our neighbors.

Pray for those in the health care system - nurses and physicians, therapists and the people who clean the hospitals. They are on full alert now, and have concerns and worries, but must show up in places that are challenging.

Also pray for those who will be hurt by the economic consequences of this pandemic. Many may lose income because of seasonal work or changes in the service industry.

Pray for the elderly, who seems to be more vulnerable.

Pray for pastors who have never tried to manage this before. It is new territory for all of us.

I will be posting a worship message as well as other ways of keeping in touch. Please reach out to folks you know through phone calls, social media and other means.

Grace and peace through Jesus Christ,

Rev. Thomas A. Davenport, Pastor